j a m i e

XMPP server online.

So a while ago I used to run an IRC server with bots, but this proved to be a massive pain in the ass. A few days ago I contemplated doing the same thing again and instead looked around, eventually settling on XMPP – I used one of these in the past also but it was via some crappy java server app thing called openfire (I think).

Ejabbered caught my attention and surprisingly, it only took around an hour to set it up and configure. It’s free to use for anyone now at im.welp.me

On the hoarding.me front, I have another scaleway server that I almost finished testing the guide on but I keep getting sidetracked. The guide as a whole is in a pretty good spot right now so this weekend I’ll probably do another catch up and call it finished for a while.

I’ve been looking into setting up another bittorent tracker and frontend too. Chihaya or ocelot for the tracker, project luminance or oppaitime for the frontend. I definitely want to use chihaya over ocelot but can’t decide between the two frontends – interesting times ahead I guess. As if I didn’t rent enough servers already.

Soft launching hoarding.me

So I’ve gone ahead and opened it up to testers over on reddit at /r/datahoarder [link] and at /r/seedboxes [link].

Feedback is good so far, there’s no actual limitation on accessing the site. If it got spread around I’d just have stuck basic auth on for a while but pretty sure we’ll be good. That said I’ve probably PM’d 50-60 people already. Tomorrow will mainly be focused on improving the writing on some pages and correcting any typos that are found.

On Sunday then I’ll post it around and leave it up as the finished article. There is one part of it missing that I’d like to add but I haven’t been able to get it running right. Namely, @reboot crons to mount everything – it’s fine without them because restarts are pretty rare but it’d be nice to have a 100% finished setup. We’ll see!

Wordcamp & hoarding.me

Woo! Wordcamp London has passed us by and I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend with the WP Engine team. It was awesome, you should totally go if you ever have the chance. We were located in the main sponsor lobby between Woocommerce/Jetpack and 34sp/godaddy. Met some really cool people with really cool stories and looking back on it not sure why I was nervous beforehand. 90% of the people that came up to us were just there to thank us (WP Engine) and tell us how much they enjoyed being on our platform. Was a very rewarding experience and very glad I was chosen to attend!


In other news, when I get some time to myself I’ve been slowly tipping away at a massive guide over on hoarding.me. When finished, it will be one super long guide, detailing from scratch what you need to do to turn a VPS/Dedicated Server into a fully automated Plex god. Including attaching an encrypted, unlimited storage Cloud Drive mount. I have it all fully written up and have tested the guide on a spare server. Just waiting on a friend to test it out from scratch and see how it performs.

This blog and jamie.ie got a facelift.

After a long-ass day at work, I get home and decide to….work on my own sites. Don’t know why but I updated this blog and jamie.ie with a bunch of new plugins and gave them a facelift while I was it.

Not a whole lot else happened really this week, slammed at work. Did manage to get some work done on the security side of welp.me with Mozilla Observatory and now we score an A-! Could be better but it will do for now. I may have to look into seeing if I can upgrade this blog and jamie.ie but that’s not as important. Happy weekend!

welp.me forums back online.

Updated the license and upgraded Xenforo. It’s now working correctly with PHP7 so I’ve re-opened it. All plugins were updated and those not maintained were removed, the style needs some work in a few places but that can wait. Disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1, did some other minor security fixes. Removed the Two-Factor plugin as Xenforo now ships with inbuild two-step login protection.

Also did some work with the streaming system, I’ve now disabled every streaming portal except Twitch.tv and youtube. I’ve also fixed and reset the API keys, so they should be scraping properly again in a few hours. The twitch chat is working again too, don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

The IRC and IRC bots are now completely removed and probably won’t be coming back, it’s too much work for little payoff. Need to rebuild the custom livestreaming system too, will probably get it done during the week as it’s pretty low priority.