j a m i e


So I’m a nerd. I host my own websites, break my own websites. Break other stuff that breaks my own websites. Occasionally fix stuff that breaks other stuff. Fixes the other stuff. Sometimes go 6 months without a nerd stuff post.

Things I host – jamie.ie, welp.me, bullshit.ovh. (welp.ovh and testmydns.ovh don’t point to anything yet)

blog.jamie.ie is hosted by WP Engine, everything else is hosted across several OVH servers. Soon I’ll be re-doing welp.me entirely and splicing off the site from the Teamspeak and IRC servers. Truth be told, I’ll probably move welp.me and the database server onto the same servers that’s running jamie.ie. Then move the Teamspeak server and irc/services server onto it’s own cheap SSD VPS. So ideally by christmas I’m going to run everything off 3 servers.

I use Cloudflare for my DNS as it’s far and away the best option. Nearly everything I use bar teamspeak and Xenforo are 100% open source. I want to rebuild my stack to better use memcached and varnish which I’ll also do before christmas. jamie.ie┬áhas a list of the software I use on a day-day basis.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with quickbox.io┬álately. I’ve been so used to just doing everything myself that I stopped paying attention to what other people were doing. It was all fine and well building my own thing, but when that thing broke it was a major pain in the ass. I love automation. If it requires more than 15 seconds of my time I want to automate it. If it can be automated, I will. Right now through a combination of plex requests, couchpotato, rtorrent, plex I can type in the name of the linux iso that I want to watch and in 5-10 minutes it’s ready to stream. Nextcloud allows me to generate safe, expirable links to download anything on the server. plexpy allows me to admin plex and sonarr does my tv. Unbelievable stuff and relatively easy to set up. The only thing that annoys me is the annoying login system but everything can’t be perfect.

Lets Encrypt is awesome. Incredibly awesome. 4-5 lines in terminal and a cron job and you’re good to go, if you’re not using it you haven’t heard of it yet. WP Engine offers it as a 1 click free install, you should totally take advantage of this.

I have a busy list right now. I need to get more RAM and a new PC case. I need to figure out what I’m doing with Jeffrey – my home server. I need to buy a TV for my apartment and a chromecast. I need to sort out accomodation for the Chilli Peppers concert in December. I need to buy my sister something for her birthday. I need to update my Xenforo license and probably buy at least 2 plugins. And find a housemate! Oh, and all the server moves listed above.