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Plex – Reverse Proxy with SSL via Apache is hell

Well, it was hell.

I tried a myriad of things, unfortunately the easy option, piping everything through 80¬†wasn’t an option. The plex settings for setting up SSL were an absolute nightmare to get running, it was at this stage I contemplated just forwarding plex.domain.com straight to the plex.tv app and being done with it. I was even looking into moving completely away from plex and installing emby instead. It didn’t help that I was trying to setup everything alongside quickbox and didn’t want to break anything or get in the way of anything that might get wiped when it updates.

Here’s what I eventually settled on, snip. Editing this into /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/default-ssl.conf and modifying the parts I censored out, restarting apache got her done. Lets Encrypt for the subdomain was easy as usual, god I love Lets Encrypt.

Those ~15 lines took care of everything, the reverse proxy to the subdomain and critically, also the SSL. Happy days.