using gotify for tautulli notifications

Posted on Jun 1, 2021

in my quest to migrate off third party service providers there has been two stubborn roadblocks: zabbix & tautulli. tautulli even closed a PR to add this!

anyways, it’s possible to do this via the webhook option instead. here’s how you do it:


so first off, login to your gotify instance and create a new app. copy down the token.
that’s it for gotify.


  1. login to tautulli

  2. go to settings/notification agents

  3. Add a new notification agent and select Webhook

  4. configuration: swap in your actual gotify URL.

  5. triggers: enable the triggers you’d like

  6. conditions: skip - no changes necessary

  7. data: this is the tricky part:
    you need to modify the json entry for every single trigger you enabled in part 5.
    here is an example for the playback error trigger:

    json headers:

    {"X-Gotify-Key": "your-gotify-token"}

    json data:

    "message": "{user} ({player}) encountered an error trying to play {title}.",
    "priority": 2,
    "title": "plex.your.domain"

    reminder: this needs to be done for all enabled triggers.

  8. hit save, you’re done.


i suggest enabling the playback start trigger and triggering it manually on plex to test. if you want to use the pre-formatted messages in the json data fields, you can pull it from the body sections here.

be sure to let me know if you have any questions!