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Recovering OPNsense access after losing 2factor access.

This has been particularly painful for me the last fortnight, ever since my last phone died and took with it all my 2factor logins. (scratch codes are overrated, right?).

The general consensus from the OPNsense forums was booting with a live image, resetting the password, cancelling the install and then rebooting the old image was the way to go. I put this off because 1. I was being lazy and 2. I was wary of doing this when my OPNsense image is a bit customized.

This morning I had some spare time after fixing plex and I was looking through alternatives. The backup configs saved me once before when I mangled the drivers for the 10g switch so I started with looking there. Sidenote, this is way too awesome to not leverage if you’re already using OPNsense, check it out.

Anyway, if you check through the config and search for ‘root’, towards the bottom of that block you’ll see a OTP string. Grab that badboy and put it in your 2factor on your new device to setup a new code. Login working again as if nothing ever changed.

I’m undecided on if this is a security flaw or not, people should be backing up to secure locations to begin with but it’s still a free scratch code. Works for now anyway!