j a m i e

Time to update and upgrade.

What better time to do all this than on a sick day.

Here’s the itinerary in full.

welp.me will move in full to a new SSD server leased off OVH. This will be rebuilt from the ground up to include a full memcached & varnish setup. The current setup is messy and needs to be rebuilt. I’ll be removing the comodo 3rd party cert and replacing it with Lets Encrypt. I’ll also be securing the webchat¬†with Lets Encrypt, this part always annoyed me. There’s also several new features I want to add to this server, such as an image host and a pastebin.

ZNC, charybdis ircd (and bots), teamspeak server and the livestreaming setup will be moved onto the 8core Xeon 64gb ram OVH-SP-64 dedicated server.

jamie.ie will be moved onto a new WP Engine install I’ve been working on.

I’ll update this post as stuff gets underway but the jamie.ie move should be completed momentarily.


3:00GMT – jamie.ie successfully on the WP Engine platform, including SSL etc.

3:30GMT – welp.me successfully moved onto the new server, including SSL etc. Had a minor hiccup with a redirection loop because I left in extra config stuff by accident. SQL and files imported, upgraded to php7 also. Haven’t setup varnish or memcached yet.

4:00GMT – teamspeak3 successfully moved onto the new server including the db.

5:00GMT – varnish and memcached install and configured, disabled them for now though.

IRC, Bots and Livestreaming can wait for a bit. Good progress for today.